About Permair Pakistan

Q1.  Are you an ISO certified company?
Ans. We have ISO 9001 & 14000.


Q2.  Where we located?
Ans. Lahore, very near to city, 22km from city centre.


Q3.   Do we use any band chemicals in leather?
Ans. All the leather that we produce is fully certified with accordance to European Standards.


Q4.   Do we have any band chemical certificate?
We can provide the client with the certificate.


Q5.   What is the Product lead time?
Ans. 4 Weeks.


Q6.   What is sample lead time?
Ans. 2 weeks.


Q7.   Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?
Ans. For Sample (Minimum 100 sqf). For Production (Minimum 1 Drum Load= 2500 to 3000 sqft).


Q8.   Which currency do we prefer?
Ans. Dollar/ Euro.


Q9.   Payment Terms?
Ans. L.C at site/ TT in advance


Q10. Can you develop our customized articles & colours?
Ans. On demand we produce customized articles & colours.


Q11. Which exhibitions do we participate in?
Ans. Asia Pacific Leather Fair @ Hong Kong

        LINEAPELLE Fair @ Bologna - Italy


Q12. What is our production capacity?
Ans. 1 Million sq ft per month.


Q13. Do we send new season catalogue to our customers?
Ans. Yes we do supply them with new season catalogues.


Q14. Where do we export our leather?
Ans. Cuntry List


Q15. What is your selection grading criteria of the leather you produce?
Ans. As per international standards.


Q16. Do we have any child labour in our company?
Ans. Our company rules and regulations are very strict in this regard.


Q17. What is your role for environment?
Ans. All the water discharged from the plant is cycled through a chrome recycled plant.


Q18. Do we offer after sale & service to our clients?
Ans. We provide regular follow ups and full technical support through our agents around the world.


Q19. Do we have technical staff?
Ans. We have fully trained technical staff.

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