About Permair Pakistan

We manufacture Cow Full Grain Leather mainly of the following:


Thickness Range
0.7/0.9mm to 2.2/2.4mm for heavy thickness we use imported hides.


Casual Shoes, Dress Shoes/ Formal Shoes, Indoor Sleepers, Sandals, Ankle High, Motor Bike Boots, Fashion Articles, Soft Shoes, Sporty Shoes, Belts, Wallets Denim patches And Many More.


Crust and Shoes Upper Finished Leather


1. Dyed crust shoes upper

a.Drum Dyed Crust
b.Drum Dyed Crust Waxy
c.Oily Crust


2. Burnish ( Naked \ Waxy )


3. Nubuck Plain

• Tumbeled
• Oily
• Waxy


3. Nubuck Plain

• Tumbeled
• Oily
• Waxy

4. Naked Aniline

• Naked Aniline (Wax Finish)
• Aniline Spring
• Aniline Calf
• Aniline Malino

5. Cow Semi Aniline

• Napa two Tones
• Aniline Ghazi
• Napa F.T For Motor Bike Boots Available in 12 Colors Up to
   thickness 2/2.2

6. Cow Aniline

• Sabila Napa
• Silky Napa
• Provine Napa
• Galaxy Napa
• Booty Napa
• Napa Mat Finish
• Global Napa ( White specialized in sports item and hospital shoes

7. C G Finish

• Corrected Grain ( for Army Shoes )
• Patent
• Sporty Shoes

8. cow Natural Milled ( NDM Leather )

• Shadman Napa ( NDM)
• Nice Napa ( NDM )
• Napa Nice Plain
• Safety Shoes Upper

9. Cow Pull Up

• Tumbled Pull Up
• Timber

10. Crazy Horse

• Pitstop

11. Crunch

• Tumbled Crunch

12. Cow Burnish Leather

• Polishable Leather

13. Cow Milled Embossed

14. Infant Shoes Upper

15. Softy Leather Cow Softy and Extra Softy

• Cow Softy Premix
• Cow Napoly

16. Cow Shoe Lining

• Crust
• Finished
• Desert

17. Belt Leather

• In Various Thiknessess: .7mm -to- 2.2mm (Plain and Embossed)

18. Split Finished Leather

• Plain Upper For Shoes And Sandals
• Split Lining
• Corrected Grain
• Pull Up
• Milled

19. Fashion Articles

• Cow Crow Finished In many plane As Well As metallic colors
• Cow Cracker
• Cow Embossed (Crocodile And Many More)
• Antique Leather (Wash)
• Crazy Horse
• Snow Coating

20. Leather Goods

Leather For jeans, Wallets, passport folios, brief case, File folder, Hand bags, ladies bags, key chain, Watch strips, Coin Keepers, Belts Pouches, Mobile cover and many other traveling goods.

21. Sports Leather

1. Leather for Sports Goods
a. Base Ball
b. Hand Ball
c. Foot Ball
d. B.T.L
e. Many More


2. Leather For Sports Footwear
a. Jogging Shoes
b. Running Shoes
c. Walking Shoes
d. Golf Shoes
e. Many More


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